Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I've always known that marriage isn't just two people putting in their 50% and expecting the other 50% from their spouse. (Although I'm sure it happens that way, or seems that way sometimes).  But the way I see it, it should be two people giving 100% or more all the time.  And I'm happy to say that I'm pretty sure that's how my marriage is. 

Now hold on a second, I'm not getting all sappy on you.  Trust me haha.  All I'm saying is I think my husband and I make a great team.  Granted we are not perfect by any means, but at the same time we don't expect perfection from each other.  Just as long as we're trying our best.

Jacob, my husband works on an offshore oil rig and is gone for 2 weeks (or more) at a time.  That is rough!  Being away from family, only miles and miles of ocean to look at, and  horrible, horrible cell phone reception! I just want to say my husband is awesome.  I know he doesn't exactly "love" his job.  But he does it for us.  And in return I'm here holding down the fort.  Neither of us can do what we do without the other.

It's hard to explain to the boys sometimes but they definitely appreciate the time they have with him more, when he is home.  My job is to keep them occupied :)  and well of course feed, bath, and clothe them haha.  And of course all the wonderful stay-at-home mommy/wife chores that need to be done.  (The list only gets longer).  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE being home with the hooligans.  But it definitely has its moments.  I'm glad I have the opportunity to stay home.  I know there's a lot of moms that cant stay home and would give anything to do so.  I am grateful, and if I did have a 9-5 job I would probably never see my husband at all.  And the kids would be back and forth to daycare and everything would be a big ole stinky mess!! 

Anyways, my point.  I love my hubby for all he does for our little family.  And when I begin to think of how hard, complicated and IMPOSSIBLE its going to be to get through the next day or week I just think of how he probably feels the same way at times. 

Ok, ok... Enough of the lovey dovey stuff.  You get my point: have each others back...

*Distance never separates two hearts that really care*

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March march march...

So far this month we've been enjoying a lot of outdoor activities. We've had 3 days of snow and the rest of this month has been sunny and nice out.

Ok, so let me tell you what the laundry basket is all about.  We have a boogie-board that we use to sled down the hill.  The boys were playing with it prior to is snowing and it got left in the yard somewhere, so when it snowed it was buried and I couldn't find it.  I had to think fast because the boys were waiting to go outside and play in the snow.  So I broke out the laundry basket and they LOVED it!  It actually worked really well.  They could hold onto the sides and their little hands didn't get all icy from the snow :)

The rest of this month has been clear and sunny so we decided to try and get some of our outdoor projects done.  I planted my seeds for our vegetable garden, as well as my husband planted some fruit and nut trees.  The boys painted these really cool birdhouses!  And then asked me to paint extra designs on them.  I had a few painting projects that I finished: I painted our closet doors in our bedroom (they turned out really awesome!) I painted, aged and distressed a shelf for our kitchen and also painted some jars to put on the shelf.  I have a few more things I need to do like: paint the entire kitchen, and our bedroom.  I'm working on it ;)
We took a little spontaneous trip to the beach (we were dying to go) and it was much needed.  The boys had fun and it was nice to get to a change in scenery.  Good food, good weather, good company :)
A few days after we got back from the beach we got to enjoy watching the spring cattle drive in our little town!  We watch it every year and LOVE that the cattle come right by our house.
We've definitely been enjoying this nicer weather and trying to spend as much time outside as possible.  Although this past week Eli (4yrs) and I have a terrible cough and runny nose.  Thankfully its nothing infectious and we're at the last bit of it :)  Soon we will be back to being outside getting sunshine, fresh air and some exercise!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eli is 4 years old!!!

Our Biggest boy is now 4 years old!!
It amazes me every day how fast time actually moves. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Eli, and the very second he arrived. I could tell you every detail about that day and everything about my growing belly like it was yesterday.

Eli is unpredictable, spontaneous, outrageous, bright, giggly, imaginitive, enthusiastic, loving, caring and passionate about the things he's interested in. He's persistent, does not give up on anything. He will keep trying until he gets it right. (Even when we tell him it's ok to take a break). Maybe he's a little stubborn, but in a good way. :)

Although he is a little boy, and can test my limits like no other. Eli is definitely a sweetheart and knows when he's done wrong and shows genuine remorse. He apologizes, and gives the BEST hugs. He also knows if someone is sad and does his best to cheer them up. He will grab your face with his little hands and look you straight in the eyes and tell you "Don't be sad, everything will be ok."


He is definitely an old soul, even at such a young age. He often talks about riding his quad and how he wants to get his own truck and trailer when he's older so he can hitch up his trailer to his truck and take off. (But of course he includes everyone in the family to go along with him haha) He loves his tools, and working on his jeep or helping his Daddy build the flatbed on his truck. Eli's favorite thing to do is work with his Daddy.

Our biggest boy is growing up! He turned 4 years old on February 9th 2013. We celebrated with family at the cabin and had a lot of fun sledding down the hill and playing with all the little cousins. I made Eli Spiderman cupcakes and he REALLY enjoyed everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him :) He's a bit of a ham, so he definitely loved being in the lime-light for 30 seconds!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday & Disney Adventures!

January 2013



After all the holiday haiatus we've pretty much just hung around the house. It's been cold, wet and sometimes snowy! So we've had some fun snow-days and quite a blustery birthday for Mason! He turned 2 years old this month on the 10th. I can't believe our little guy is already 2! I made Mickey Mouse cupcakes for Mason because he LOVES Mickey. We went to Jakes parents cabin and enjoyed a snowy/stormy little birthday for Mason. He enjoyed his cupcakes and his sleigh ride down the hill in the snow with daddy :)

Since our boys birthdays are only a month apart we usually do a double birthday party. This year they were overwhelmed with toys at Chritmas so we decided a birthday party wasn't really neseccary. We planned a trip to DISNEYLAND for their birthdays instead! And they had SO much fun!

Eli was big enough to go on Space Mountain, so he rode on it twice! They do a "switch back" pass if you have a child too small for the ride and needs a parent to stay. So this is how it worked- Eli and I rode first. Told the attendant that we needed a pass for Daddy while he watched Mason (who was too small to ride) when Eli and I were done riding, I handed the pass to Jake. With the pass he and Eli were able to cut the line straight to the front with NO WAITING!! Every parent should know about this! Granted the wait time was not that long (maybe 15-20 minutes) we went in the middle of the week.

We enjoyed all the rides we went on, Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean, Space Mountain, The Tikki Room, Autotopia, Winnie The Pooh's great Adventure, and I'm sure there were others I just can't remember.

The boys were excited to meet Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Rupunzel & Flynn Ryder (from the movie Tangled) and Woody from Toy Story. We saw other characters like Merida from the movie Brave (that line was REALLY long), and during the parade of course we saw everyone! And Mason pointed and shouted all their names "Mouse! Oofey! Don Duck! Daisy!" which was very surprising since he doesn't speak much.

All in all it was a great trip and the boys really enjoyed their birthdays at Disneyland! (Eli's birthday is February 9th) and he's getting Spider Man cupcakes! haha

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


This December we started a new Christmas tradition for the kids. We ordered ourselves an "Elf on the Shelf". When our Elf arrived Eli named him "Georgie" and Georgie would report to Santa at the North Pole every night while the kids were asleep. And every morning Georgie would be hiding in a new place somewhere in the house and the kids would have to search for him. Georgie had a note every morning reminding the boys to be good and appreciative so he could have something nice to report to Santa when he went back to the North Pole. Needless to say, the kids pretty much got everything on their list to Santa. We even wrote a letter to Santa and received a letter back!! I must say, our post office lady is very kind to have taken the time out of her day at work to write up a letter from Santa addressed to Eli and Mason. That was the sweetest thing. I think it's important for kids to "be kids" while they're kids.

Our Christmas goodies: Jake got a new Dodge pick-up! Decked out just the way he wanted it. He also got a new welding helmet, a pistol sleeve (for his pistol) a French fry cutter and a new flashlight. And he was happy with that! He always loses his flashlights.

I got a new laptop because my old one died its last death a few months ago. With all the boys baby pictures and videos...All my music and everything. Which I still need to retrieve from the hard drive and have it backed-up onto a disc. At least I know all that is retrievable so I won't junk my old laptop just yet. I also got a Kitchen-Aid mixer. I have been wanting one for a long time and I'm so glad I got one! I also got a Carhart jacket, that I've also been wanting.

Eli and Mason got a whole lot of goodies! Trucks, Legos, kids electronics, bows & arrows, movies, play doh...and a BB gun! Don't worry, Eli is only allowed to use it when Jake is home and it's locked up in the gun cabinet otherwise.

All in all a great Christmas, a great year! Lots of memories, and new friends made.

Fall Festivities!

October- My month of birth...Another year tacked onto my life...I turned 26. Ok, ok, it wasn't that bad! Actually it was fun. Jake took me to get a massage and to dinner. Then we made a spontaneous visit to a tattoo shop and got inked! I got the boys birth month flowers to cover an old tattoo on the back of my neck. Now it looks wonderful! Jake aslo turned 26, and I made him an awesome homemade cheesecake and cheese pockets (a family favorite recipe).

For Halloween I organized a "Trunk-or-Treat" event for the little kids and families up here on the mountain. I've always found it complicated to drive to town to take the kids trick-or-treating and then driving them back home with their sticky fingers and faces nodding to sleep the whole way. So instead, I put up posters and sent out emails and event notices. About 6-7 families from our community participated in decorating the trunks of their cars. Some had craft tables set up, and some gave out cupcakes instead of candy. All in all the kids had a great time! All their buckets were overflowing with treats! And we were still ON THE MOUNTAIN! We did not have to drive anywhere other than to the vacant parking lot where we met up. We kept it early (it was a school night) and all the kids were happy. The parents were happy! All of them were excited and very encouraging about the event and really want to do it again next Halloween!

November- Thanksgiving festivities...The beginning of the Holiday Hoorah! How many Thanksgivings did we attend?? 3 I think...Including ours. Usually it's more. Every year I do our own dinner. Because we like the leftovers! I made a Turkey, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, green beans with bacon, apple pie, and pumpkin pie. I'm pretty sure there was something else too I just can't remember. I made a lot of food! I started it at about 10am and it was all done by 3 in the afternoon! Our friends came over to enjoy the feast and we ended the night by our fire pit outside with a few beers and some good laughs.

Memories & Anniversary

August-September 2012
August- We really didn't do much. We took a 3 day trip to Pismo Beach, California with some friends and actually kind of regretted it afterward. Not that we didn't have a good time. But the motor blew up on our Polaris Razor, and when Jake took the truck out to tow it back he burned up his transmission. So that turned out to be a very expensive trip. But great memories were made, and lessons were learned.

September- WE STAYED HOME! I promise! We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary (and 9 years total) on September 21st. As a family we went to Fountain Springs (which is not far from where we live) for dinner. It was a nice little drive and the food was really good. I cannot believe how time flies. 9 years together and 6 married. I can still remember when Jake and I had first started dating. I remember that we ate Nathans Hot Dogs for lunch the day of our wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand. 6 years of marriage! haha And a LOT more coming our way!